Tree and Three Windows, Santa Barbara, CA   1981   Urban Forest   Excerpted from the preface to the book  Urban Forest - Images of Trees in the Human Landscape   The photographs in this book reflect a lifelong exploration. One of them in particular, “Tree and Three Windows,” marks a turning point. It is an image I had walked or driven past hundreds of times before I photographed it, but never at that time of day, when the interplay of twilight and artificial light were so beautifully balanced.   Before making this image, my photographic wanderings through the streets of Santa Barbara, where I lived at the time, had been in search of color abstractions—tiny portions of the world that I could tightly compose into visual organizations that were easy on the eye and gentle to the spirit. They had been exercises, but not much more, and I was ready for a way out to a larger visual world. As often happens, a wise person had passed through my life then and said, “Photograph what you know.” I’d been unsure what that meant, until I saw and photographed “Tree and Three Windows.”
 Parking Lot Palm, Santa Barbara, CA 1983
 Trichotomy, Riverside, CA 1994
 Two Trees One Pole, Isla Vista, California 1983
 Cypress and Stucco, Santa Barbara, California 1984
 Cherry Pickers and Palms, Manteca, California 2002
 The Fairway, Lanai, Hawaii 1998
 Palms at Desert Center, Desert Center, California 2002
 American Refuse Inc. Houston, TX 1996
 Saguaro For Sale # 1, Bullhead City, AZ 1996
 Saguaro For Sale #2, Scottsdale, AZ 2002
 Wilted Palm, Seal Beach, California 2000
 Palm and Red Diamonds, Long Beach, California 2001
 Palm and Overpass, Santa Barbara, California 2001
 Severed Limbs #1, Long Beach, California 1992
Urban Forest   Images of Trees in the Human Landscape
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