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Artist Residency at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest

A Very Brief History by Fred Swanson

The H J Andrews Experimental Forest celebrates its 70th anniversary as a center for long-term ecological inquiry – and, since 2002, the confluence of arts, humanities, and environmental science.  David Paul Bayles’ “magical realism” images are fitting tributes to the mystery of these ancient forests and cold, clear streams.  The Andrews has been a charter member of the National Science Foundation-sponsored Long-Term Ecological Research Program since its inception in 1980.   The science and education programs are managed by Oregon State University and the Pacific Northwest Research Station of the US Forest Service in collaboration with the Willamette National Forest, where the Andrews resides.  Humanities and arts find a place through partnership with the Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word, based in Oregon State University.  In words of the Spring Creek mission statement, the overall intent is to find new ways to understand and reimagine our relation with the natural world.”

To learn more about The HJ Andrews Experimental Forest click here


My residency at 'The Andrews' is ongoing. To view work made this spring titled Old Growth Dialogue: Magical Realism Meets Real Time Data click here


Announcing: The David Paul Bayles Photographic Archive

One year ago, on Thanksgiving Day, I signed a contract with The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley to create The David Paul Bayles Photographic Archive.  It was a major moment in my life, and I was delighted to share it with most of my family. 

I did not make the announcement then, because there were still methods and procedures for placing work into the Archive that I needed to chart a course for. Last month I drove to Berkeley and placed more than a hundred photographs, oral history audio files, exhibition ephemera and some unique correspondence with Ernst Haas and Helmut Gernsheim into the archive bearing my name. Eventually the archive will house my entire life's work. I am humbled and proud to be sharing this news with you.

In the image to the left are (l to r) Julie Musson, Digital Assets Archivist, Christine Hult-Lewis, Reva and David Logan Curatorial Assistant, and Jack Von Euw, Chief Pictorial Curator. Each of them has been incredibly professional and generous with helping to create and introduce the first works into the archive. 

Alyson Stanfield Podcast

podcast with alyson stanfield

I can't say enough good things about Alyson Stanfield. She is a spot on educator. She is an advocate for taking your life as an artist seriously, in all the right ways, and playfully, in all the right ways. Thank you Alyson for the opportunity to share some of my legacy story with you here.



SPE NorthWest Presentation

A few weeks ago I was delighted to present at The Society for Photographic Educators Northwest Conference here in Corvallis, Oregon. The title of my 45 min. presentation was From Chainsaw to Camera: A Life With Trees. In two weeks I will be giving an expanded version of the same presentation to the Academy for Lifelong Learning


Wildling Museum Acquisition

At the end of my exhibition Trees in Transition, The Wildling Museum acquisition board decided to accession this piece from the exhibition into their collection. It is printed 54" X 54" and is titled SELL. 

Palm and Overpass.jpg

Recent Blogs

Two fabulous photography blogs have recently featured my work. 

Don't Take Pictures  is a multi layered site with a magazine, monthly columns and opinions, insightful book reviews, exhibition resources and a featured photo every day of the year.

New Landscape Photography  is a ten year old project by artist, curator and educator Wilson Cummer that brings work from around the globe exploring the broader definitions of landscape photography.