White Tire, Salinas, California 2008
 Black Tire, Cold Springs, Nevada 2009
 Rock Seam and Jersey Barrier, Springfield, Oregon 2009
 Outhouses, Bird Creek, Alaska 2008
 Willow in Shock, Corvallis, Oregon 2008
 Tree with Shoes, Nevada, 2009
 Roadside Yellow, Philomath, Oregon, 2006
 Queen Palms, Yuba City, California, 2008
 Restoration Project, Hwy 20, Oregon, 2009
 Ocean View, Dana Point, California 2008
 Field Burn, Palouse, Washington 2012
 Field and Barn, Palouse, Washington, 2007
 Seehofer Flats, Corvallis, Oregon 2007
Field Fog Barn and Cypress.jpg
 Fertilized / Herbicide, Monroe, Oregon 2009
 Ditch and Tree, Corvallis, Oregon 2007
 Field at Twilight, Corvallis, Oregon 2012
 Orchard and Road, Lodi, California 2009
 Orchard with PVC Pipes, Lodi, California 2009
 Deliver Us, Woodburn, Oregon 2008
 Strawberry Field, Oxnard, California 2010
 Old Glory, Bishop, California 2004
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