ArtVote 2018 Logo V2 Flat.png

An art event created to encourage,

mobilize, celebrate and reward those who

exercise their right to vote!

What: An event where voters can select one small art print from a local artist as a Thank You Gift for voting.

When: Tuesday Nov. 6th from 2-7 pm

Where: Joan Truckenbrod PopUp Gallery 517 SW 2nd. St. Corvallis

Who: Organized by David Paul Bayles, sponsored by the PopUp Gallery and The Arts Center.

How: We’re able to accept the first 60 artists who wish to contribute 6 small prints to ArtVote 2018. This will be all volunteer activity so we appreciate each artist following the guidelines below.

1. Each print must have an outer dimension of 8x10 inches - for easy framing by the voter/collector. Prints may be oriented either horizontally or vertically (landscape or portrait).

2. The image will be smaller, like 5x7 or similar, creating a border around the image. Make six prints all with the same image. See image examples below. See also local printers listed below the sample images who can help you with making your prints.

3. Sign, date, title the image on the front or the back - your choice. Write web/contact info on back

4. After the voter has selected their art print, it will be stamped in the lower right corner with the ArtVote 2018 logo adding a little voter collectable fun to the art mix

5. We will put the print into an 8X10 Clear Bag sleeve for them to take their print home safely

6. To register as a participant contact with ArtVote 2018 in the Subject Line. Because of limited gallery space we will accept the first 60 artists. Register now!

7. Put your 6 prints into an 8.5x11 envelope with your name printed in the upper corner. Deliver to the gallery on Saturday or Sunday afternoons Nov 3,4 from 1-4pm

8. And just for fun: Voters will be asked to take a selfie with their ballot before putting into the box. The image on their phone will be their proof to select one of your art prints!

9. Thank you for participating!!

10. Help spread the word - to other artists and ArtVote Collectors!


Artists: In the example above, titled DeCompose #22, the thin outer line represents the 8” wide by 10” tall piece of paper with the image centered in the middle leaving approximately 1.5 inch border. Depending on the shape of your art, like the square image titled Prayer below, it will look different. The logo will be stamped on the print, by hand for each ArtVote Collector. You can sign, title and date the print in the border area on the front or on the back - your aesthetic choice. Please write your web and contact info on the back of each print.


Print Shops In Corvallis

There are three and perhaps more, businesses that can make your prints for you. Each of them will help you with the border layout if that is beyond your technical computer skill level. All you need to do is take them a high quality image of your artwork. Each of them has different paper and pricing options. They are listed by lowest cost / fewest paper options first. And highest cost / most art paper options last. It’s best to not choose paper that is glossy so the ink from the logo stamp will not smear.

SB&P Reprographics - 252 SW Jefferson 541-738-7023 (Approx. $1.00 per laser print)

NWGI - 121 SW 4th. Street 541-753-9406

Wise Photo Printing 133 SW 2nd. Street 541-990-4895 (Approx. $8.00 per high quality print)

Please Note: There are of course plenty of online options that I do not know of. Most likely you would need to know how to create the border around your artwork for online ordering.

Thank You Artist

On behalf of the ArtVote Team and sponsors, thank you for making time for this project on such short notice! In 2020 we can make it a bigger and more grand event!